You are currently viewing Amazing Oreo Shake Recipe Try it Now !

Amazing Oreo Shake Recipe Try it Now !

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Amazing Oreo Shake Recipe Try it Now !


Oreo shake is the recipe which is mostly preferred as summer menu which is a thick, creamy beverage.

If you are looking for milk shake which is easily made then this oreo milkshake can be of great option.

Instead of having a caffeinated,carbonated drink one can have oreo shake which is health friendly and very much decilious beverage to be precise.

This refreshing drink is prepared in 10-15 mins and you can give this to your kids because they love milkshake but the thing which you need to keep in mind is that while making it of kids do not use ice, otherwise it can affect the health and child can get cold and cough.

Do not add very much sugar as chocolate syrup, cookies and ice cream already have some sort of sugar in that so avoid adding in high amout.

If you are looking for very comfortable drink which doesn’t affect your health plus it tastes good then go for this recipe,follow each and every step which is adviced and get and get a smoothest and creamy beverage.

For oreo shake you need following ingredients which is easily available to your nearest store so you don’t have to be think much for making oreo shake.

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  • Oreo biscuit 2 pack
  • Vanilla icecream 2
  • Chocolate icecream 1
  • Hershey’s syrup
  • Chocolate (Optional)
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Ice (Optional)


•Firstly after bringing oreo biscuits from market keep it in freezer.

•Keep 2-3 biscuits aside for decorating oreo shake.

•After that when it gets cooled enough,crush the biscuits nicely,you can also add it in a blender (Do not make it fine).

•Now,In that powder biscuit in the blender, Add milk half cup then vanilla.

•Ice-cream and chocolate (Do not add entire ice cream, keep some for decorating the shake.

•Add chocolates if you want extreme chocolate oreo shake or else you can avoid adding in the blender rather than that you can add while in the last step when we will slightly decorate our shake like how in every recipe we use to garnish them with something or other same like that.

•Then add half tablespoon sugar and 2-3 cubes of ice.

•Ice is optional as it is added to make oreo shake chilled.

•Add 2-3 Tablespoons Hershey’s syrup if you don’t have you can add Cadbury dairy milk rupees pack entire.

•Now blend it and make the ingredients combined completely.

•Now take 2 glass, In the empty glass spread some syrups at the side and add the shake.

•Now on the top of shake add crumbled biscuits (The biscuit 2-3 which we kept aside crushed 2 of them and add).

•Add the remaining ice-cream on the top of the shake and add 1 tablespoon.

•Hershey syrup on the ice-cream.

•You can also add Cadboury if you want (not mandatory).

•Add 1 entire biscuit in vertical position on the top and keep a straw.

•Enjoy the chilled oreo shake with burgers or anything of your interest.

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•Hershey’s syrup can be replaced with any chocolate syrup.

•In 2 vanilla ice cream add only one on blender and another one keep in the fridge so that if doesn’t melt and at the time of decorating add that 1 vanilla ice cream on the top.

•Crumbled oreo biscuits which is added gives a very good taste and you will also find it crispy when it comes in the mouth.

•Amul milk can be a great option for making any shake.

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