You are currently viewing Best Gulab Jamun Recipe | How to Make Gulab Jamun

Best Gulab Jamun Recipe | How to Make Gulab Jamun

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Best Gulab Jamun Recipe | How to Make Gulab Jamun


Gulab jamun is something which doesn’t need any kind of Introduction as such!

It is something authentic and key ingredient for this recipe is khoya (milk solid).

Sometimes khoya is not availabe easily so you have to make it at home as it is easy to make them at home and there are also gulab jamun which is made up of milk powder.

Both the gulab jamuns are different in texture and taste as the gulab jamun which is made up of milk powder have porous texture from inside whereas khoha gulab jamun have smoother texture.

There are people who stays at a place where khoya is not easily available and many people don’t want to prepare it at home so for them I highly recommend to try this gulab jamun recipe which is made using milk powder.

Milk powder is very much easily available as any grocery shop, Making gulab jamun with milk powder is little complicated as it requires the person who is comfortable in cooking.

Don’t worry I will explain the step by step recipe for making soft gulab jamun at home, Gulab jamun is something which gives water in our mouth with it’s name

It is soft, small round berries brown color sweet with a very soft and smooth texture.

There are also now a days readymade gulab jamun powders are availabe which you only need to make a dough and easily making sugar syrup you can make them.

This gulab jamun recipe doesn’t take very long time for getting ready,and it can be served to any guest and made at any occasions or festival.

Let’s make a mouth watering gulab jamun within 30-40 mins which easily melts in mouth.

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  • Sugar 1 cup
  • Water ½ cup
  • Lemon juice 1-2 drops
  • Milk ½ cup
  • Cardamom pods 3
  • Milk powder ½ cup
  • All purpose flour (maida) 1 tablespoon
  • Baking powder small pinch
  • Oil/ghee for frying


  1. Take a deep pan, Add 1 cup sugar and cardamom powder then add ½ cup Water then also add lemon juice 2 drop atleast.
  2. As adding lemon juice will help to prevent sugar crystallize.
  3. Boil this syrup until it turns sticky,to check this, cool little syrup in small plate dip your finger in it and touch with them if it feels slightly sticky then you need to boil more.
  4. Boil until you reach sticky syrup stage.
  5. Now in a mixing bowl add all the ingredients like milk powder, 1 tablespoon all purpose flour, 1 pinch baking powder (do not add more soda otherwise balls may break).
  6. Mix them properly,mixture should be uniform, Add 1 tsp ghee.
  7. Now knead them well with the help of Luke warm milk.
  8. The dough will be sticky for that grease your fingers and make a stiff yet soft dough.
  9. Dough should be of right consistency.
  10. Now divide the dough into 14-15 small balls without any lines or Crack (Be gentle in handling dough).
  11. Fry them in oil or ghee whatever you prefer.
  12. Oil should be hot enough to add the balls and cook them in low flame otherwise it will look cook from outside and remain uncooked inside.
  13. Then take them out once it is properly gain brownish color appearance.
  14. Check if the sugar syrup it Luke warm (not very hot not very cold).
  15. Add balls in the syrup leave it for atleast 1 hr.
  16. Serve after 2 hours.

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  • Always knead dough smoothly if it gets very sticky then add little flour to adjust.
  • Sugar syrup should be properly prepared if not then balls will not soak sugar syrup and the taste will get ruin.
  • You can also add dry fruits while serving like almonds, pistachios.

Hope you will like the dish 😇

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