You are currently viewing Diwali Special Besan Ladoo (laddu) | Easiest Way to Make Besan ke Ladoo 2021

Diwali Special Besan Ladoo (laddu) | Easiest Way to Make Besan ke Ladoo 2021

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Diwali Special Besan Ke Ladoo (laddu) | Easiest Way to Make Besan ke Ladoo 2021


Besan ladoo is a special and a very decilious sweet made up of gram flour which is known as besan in Hindi, Sugar, Ghee and cardamom.

This ladoo is made in ball shaped in Indian cuisine.

Besan ladoo is made in very special day while to offer as prasad in any festival like ganesh chatuthi or many more.

This recipe is almost made in every Indian house in the festival of diwali, Undoubtedly it can be said that this sweet recipe is love by every Indians.

This ladoo has a very soft and smooth texture and it easily melts in the mouth.

In Indian cuisine there are various sweet which is made and most of them are made with the help of gram flour i.e. Besan like besan burfi, besan ladoo, besan halwa etc.

Besan ladoo have a very mouth watering aroma, It will definitely brings water to your mouth while preparation because it gives a very good odour and taste.

Making besan ladoo in home is a very simple recipe when you have a perfect proportion of ingredients to be added like proper gram flour,ghee,sugar quantity to be added (Nothing should be more or less).

Always use the right ingredients in right quantity like the gram flour which is fresh pack or you can use milled flour, Do not use the one which is already opened from week or month sometimes not choosing the right besan can make the ladoo slight bitter in taste.

Dry fruits in ladoo enhance the flavour and taste, you can also add 1-2 tablespoons semolina, my mom usually use to add it and believe me it gives a slight texture, If you want smooth texture and mouth melting then you can skip adding semolina.

So let’s start making besan ladoo and have a homemade mouthwatering ladoo for diwali or any occasions.

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  • Gram Flour (Besan) 1 cup
  • Semolina 2 tablespoon (Optional)
  • Sugar half cup (powdered)
  • Ghee half cup
  • Dry fruits (cashew, Almonds, pistachios)
  • Cardamom 3 (finely crushed or powdered)


In a blender, Take half cup sugar and blend making fine powder (you can also get from store readymade).

Now Take a heavy bottom pan, Add 4-5 tablespoon ghee.

Add finely chopped dry fruits, roast them in low flame for 5 mins until it becomes light red in color.

After that take it out in a plate and keep it aside.

Meanwhile add the besan in that pan, and saute in low flame until it becomes red and besan get roasted nicely (If you want to add semolina add after roasting 5 mins besan, then add semolina also and add roast both of them together).

When the besan will get nicely roasted it will give a nice aromatic smell and you will come to know that besan has roasted nicely.

It will take about 25-30 mins of time to get besan roasted for making ladoo, so have patience and roast because this is a crucial step for this.

Now After besan is being roasted take it in a deep plate, Add dry fruits and cool it down.

After it cools, then only add powdered sugar and cardamom.

It will look like dry but do not worry once you will mix with your palm it will automatically turn moist and gets bind in the shape of ball (ladoo).

Now Make small balls of ladoo by nicely mixing the mixture with your palms.

You can store this ladoo for 3 week in air tight container and eat.

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Roasting Gram Flour (besan) correctly is the key for making delicious besan ladoo.

Do not over roast the besan otherwise the taste will ruin and ladoo will turn butter in taste.

Always roast besan in low flame otherwise it will catch brown color fastly and besan will remain raw only.

Stir constantly the gram flour without taking break for 25-30 mins.

Always add powdered sugar when the mixture is properly cooled otherwise the sugar will melt in hot mixture and you will find it difficult to bind.

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