You are currently viewing Diwali Special Shakkar Para or Khurma Recipe | Easiest Way to Make Shakkar Para 2021

Diwali Special Shakkar Para or Khurma Recipe | Easiest Way to Make Shakkar Para 2021

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Diwali Special Shakkar Para or Khurma Recipe | Easiest Way to Make Shakkar Para 2021


Shakkar para is the recipe which is very famous in North India and Rajasthan.

This recipe is made in two ways

  1. While making the dough and adding sugar in that mixture and then deep frying
  2. Making dough without sugar and frying then making sugar syrup and adding the fried diamond shape khurma in the syrup

The very first step is famous and mostly preferred by Maharashtrian, south Indian, and gujarati peoples.

While the second one is preferred by North Indian and Rajasthani people.

This recipe is worth making at home because it doesn’t require very much hard work as well as ingredients.

This recipe needs All purpose flour (Maida), ghee, sugar, salt and the dough is prepared mixing all the ingredients and then it is rolled in shape or rotis and cut in diamond shape.

And then deep fried on medium flame,This khurma is sweet in taste as well as crispy with crystallized sugar and this recipe is generally made in festive seasons or in any occasions.

One can definitely make it anytime whenever wanted to eat but most often it is made on festival of diwali and Holi.

This recipe can be stored for longer use in a air tight container for atleast 3-4 week,This recipe has lots of names like shakkar para, khurma, shakkar pali etc.

You can serve this sweet to your guest,you can also make them in wedding occasions at your home.

Let’s start with the preparation…

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  • All purpose flour 250 gram
  • Ghee 2-4 tablespoon
  • Water half cup or as required


  • Sugar 1 cup (150gram)
  • Kesar strand
  • Water half cup


  • Oils/ghee


  1. Take a deep container or bowl, Add all purpose flour.
  2. Then add 4 tablespoon ghee in the flour (Ghee should be melted so that it gets easily incorporated into the flour).
  3. Mix the ghee and flour between your palm for atleast 5 mins.
  4. After 5 mins, Hold some flour in hands and see to it that it should take a shape by not falling apart.
  5. If it successfully holds on,then add water for making dough.
  6. Do not make loose dough as you make for making rotis, it should be little hard.
  7. Now, Roll the dough like rotis (it should be little thick not thin as rotis) and using knife cut it into the shape of diamond.
  8. In a pan or kadai, Add oil and heat it, when the oil becomes hot, Add the diamond shape dough and roast it bothside brown in medium flame.
  9. Do not roast on high flame otherwise it will remain uncooked from inside.
  10. After it gets brownish red from both side, Take it out in a plate.
  11. Let it get cool in room temperature, Meanwhile prepare sugar syrup.
  12. Take a pan, Add 1 cup sugar and half cup water.
  13. Bring it to boil in medium flame by continuously stirring.
  14. Add saffron strand to give a colour to syrup.
  15. After 5 mins check in between your fingers and thumb if it becomes sticky or not.
  16. You can also take syrup drop on a plate and try to move it, it will get stuck if it has become properly syrup while if it runs like water then you need to cook more.
  17. Once the syrup gets prepared, Add the diamond shaped fried dough and stir properly from up and down nicely.
  18. The sugar will get crystallized in few minutes so kindly mix them and let it sit for few minutes.
  19. Once the crystallized sugar gets formed the khurma is done.
  20. Serve as a tea time snack or as sweet.
  21. You can keep them in air tight container and store them for month.

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Sugar syrup should be properly made i.e. There shouldn’t be more water otherwise it will become soggy.

Once the crispy diamond dough is added in sugar syrup try to continuously stir it up and down from every angle so that it gets mixed properly.

Always add cooled diamond shape dough in syrup.

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