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Indian Macaroni Pasta | How To Make Macaroni Pasta

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Indian Macaroni Pasta | How To Make Macaroni Pasta


Macaroni pasta is one of the varieties of pasta that can be used as a substitute for pasta.

Macaroni is a tasty recipe usually made with added onion and tomatoes with some spices or maggie masala which is available readymade in the store.

The best part of making macaroni is you can add vegetables according to your choice like when I make it, I always add onion, capsicum, carrot and tomatoes.

You can also add green onion, green peas, broccoli and there can be also an addition of cheese mayonnaise in it.

I don’t add cheese and mayonnaise, I make it very simple and sorted so that it tastes good and can be a healthy type of breakfast material for kids to have it.

The vegetables added in it gives a very good flavour and you can add maggie masala or pasta masala which is available in the market.

I don’t use pasta masala instead of that I use maggie masala and believe me it tastes good and serves as a light breakfast, you can serve anyone to your kids, your in-laws if they want to eat it.

Because there aren’t any ingredients added as such which will harm or give digestion problems.

Sometimes when we got to eat pizza or when we order it at our home, then some sorts of herbs like oregano and chilli flakes we keep it to add in pasta or in maggie. You can also add schezwan chutney, tomato ketchup and soy sauce to enhance the taste and flavour.

I always love to add that in my pasta after preparing on the top of it, So you can also add the same if you want or else you can avoid it isn’t an issue.

I will share my recipe and would like you to recommend for making this tasty Indian style macaroni pasta.

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  • Macaroni pasta
  • Finely chopped ginger garlic
  • Carrot
  • Capsicum
  • Onion
  • Tomatoes
  • Maggie masala/pasta masala 2 packets
  • Soy sauce, sachezwan chutney, ketchup ( optional)
  • Salts
  • Herbs (oregano, chilli flakes) (Optional)
  • Green coriander leaves
  • Red chilli powder
  • Cheese mayonnaise (Optional)
  • Water
  • Oil


•In a container, Take half amount of water add a salt half tablespoon and 2-3 drops of oil,

•When the water starts boiling, Add the pasta and saute with a fork

•Boil pasta for 10 mins and check by dabbing it

•If it is cooked then close the flame and drain off the water from pasta, keep it aside.

•Take a pan, add finely chopped ginger-garlic.

•Add onion and saute until it becomes translucent.

•Add the vegetables of your interest, like I added capsicum, carrot, saute it until it becomes half cooked.

•Now Add the finely chopped tomatoes, then add Maggie masala, red chilli powder, and salt close the lid and cook until the oil separates.

•If you want to add schezwan chutney, soy sauce, ketchup you can add in this step.

•Add the boiled macaroni, saute for 3-4 mins.

•Garnish with green coriander leaves and add the herbs as a topping if you want and if you have.

•If you don’t have, kindly garnish with coriander leaves.

•Serve hot with mayonnaise or alone.

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•Do not overcook the pasta, once the pasta is cooked drain out the additional water otherwise the pasta will become mushy.

•Added vegetables should be finely chopped so that it gets cooked fastly and looks good.

•You can add cheese and mayonnaise at last or in between if you want.

•Salt should be added according to your taste as maggie masala already contains salt, so I recommend adding a little less so that if it tastes less salty you can add twice but once it is more you can’t do anything so better see to it.

Hope you will like the Dish ☺️

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