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Maggie Noodles | How To Make Maggie Noodles

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Maggie Noodles | How To Make Maggie Noodles


Maggie Noodles is the most loving recipe for almost all people around the country.

This recipe is served as a breakfast and no doubt it sometimes works for us as a meal in an emergency like when our moms aren’t home or we are staying in a hostel or etc.

Then most of the time we try to fulfil ourselves with maggie so that we don’t have to make dinner.

This recipe you have seen in the ads also that it takes 2 mins for making instant maggie not really 2 mins but we need minimum 5 mins to cook well and have it.

I will show my style of making maggie which you’ll enjoy eating that is doesn’t take a very long time.

Hardly my recipe takes 20 mins of preparation but believe me it will be worth spending time making this recipe.

Maggie is something which is loved by everyone irrespective of age..Even my mom, dad and sometimes my grandmother loves eating maggie.

I’ll show you how to make maggie in noodles style which your both craving will be fulfilled within one recipe like you’ll be getting the benefit of noodles and Maggie both in one.

Not many ingredients are used, They are easily available at our home or if not then at the nearest store.

Let’s not waste more time and begin with the recipe itself.

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  • Maggie 2
  • Green onion
  • Onion
  • Capsicum
  • Green peas (Optional)
  • Tomatoes
  • Red chilli powder
  • Green chilli
  • Maggie masala readymade – 1
  • Salt
  • Turmeric
  • Oil


•Take a pan boil the maggie by adding water and maggie but not the masala which is present in the maggie, keep it aside

•Meanwhile chop the vegetables finely

•Take a pan, add oil then add green chilli

•Add onion, saute for 5 min then add the green onion (keep some leaves for garnishing), capsicum and green peas, close the lid.

•Cook until the vegetables gets cooked.

•Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, maggie masala which was present in the maggie itself plus the masala which you got from the market.

•Add a little salt

•Then Add the boiled maggie, saute nicely.

•Garnish with green onion leaves.

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•Don’t boil and keep the maggie for 10 to 20 mins boil when you are about to make the maggie.

•Do not boil the maggie more otherwise it will turn mushy with an unpleasant texture.

•Add red chilli according to how much spicy you want.

•Vegetables should be finely chopped not too much finely.

•While boiling maggie does not add too much water so that you need to drain it off.

•Do not add much salt because the masala already contains some amount of salt.

Hope you will like the Dish ☺️

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