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Top 5 Recipes That You Should Make in Diwali

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Top 5 Recipes That You Should Make in Diwali

What is Diwali?

Diwali, also known as Dipawali, is India’s largest and most important celebration. The festival’s name is derived from the row (avali) of clay lamps (deepa) that Indians light outside their homes to represent the inner light that protects against spiritual darkness. For Hindus, this festival is just as important as the Christmas holiday is for Christians.

Diwali has evolved into a national holiday that is widely celebrated by non-Hindu populations over the decades. In Jainism, Diwali commemorates Lord Mahavira’s nirvana (spiritual awakening) on October 15, 527 B.C., whereas in Sikhism, it commemorates the release of Guru Hargobind Ji, the Sixth Sikh Guru. Diwali is also observed by Buddhists in India. So that’s it for the Intro Lets Dive into our Main Topic Which is Top 10 Recipes You Should Make in Diwali.

1.Namak Para

Namak Para
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Namak para is a crispy, tasty fried snack which is very popular in north India and it is also a vegetarian recipe, It is known as mathri in uttar pradesh, Bihar etc

This recipe is a crispy version, Like they generally puff up and becomes crisp while frying, This snack is often made in festivals like Diwali.

Nevertheless we can also make them according to our crave of eating it so it is not very much limited to festival making, one can make them anytime at home and it can be a good option for tea time snack.

There is also sweet version of these recipe which is known as shakkar pare, The recipe for which is already posted by me so you can refer that also,The only difference between both is one will be salty ,crispy and can be eaten at tea time with tea or coffee and the other version is sweet which can be served as sweets.

You can make them in bulk and can store them for longer periods of time in a air tight container for few weeks and enjoy it anytime, there won’t be any spoilage takes place if you keep them in a air tight conatiner.

This namak para is made by mixing all the ingredients together such as All purpose flour,wheat flour, Ghee/oil, Salt, carrom seed, baking soda and water to knead and make a dough.

This recipe hardly takes 30 to 40 mins of time and there isn’t very much work you need to do for making namak para,It is very easy and can be made with less effort.

2.Shakkar Para

Shakkar para

Shakkar para is the recipe which is very famous in North India and Rajasthan.

This recipe is made in two ways

  1. While making the dough and adding sugar in that mixture and then deep frying
  2. Making dough without sugar and frying then making sugar syrup and adding the fried diamond shape khurma in the syrup

The very first step is famous and mostly preferred by Maharashtrian, south Indian, and gujarati peoples.

While the second one is preferred by North Indian and Rajasthani people.

This recipe is worth making at home because it doesn’t require very much hard work as well as ingredients.

This recipe needs All purpose flour (Maida), ghee, sugar, salt and the dough is prepared mixing all the ingredients and then it is rolled in shape or rotis and cut in diamond shape.

And then deep fried on medium flame,This khurma is sweet in taste as well as crispy with crystallized sugar and this recipe is generally made in festive seasons or in any occasions.

One can definitely make it anytime whenever wanted to eat but most often it is made on festival of diwali and Holi.

This recipe can be stored for longer use in a air tight container for atleast 3-4 week,This recipe has lots of names like shakkar para, khurma, shakkar pali etc.

You can serve this sweet to your guest,you can also make them in wedding occasions at your home.



Nankhatai is a cookie which is love by kids and adults, This cookies is made with flour, ghee, cardamom and lastly sugar.

This cookie is very crispy and eggless, It is traditional Indian shortbread cookies made with above mentioned ingredients.

There are different ways of making Nankhatai with different flour to be used, Traditionally when there was no oven available, people use to make them in cooker whenever there would be festival or any occasions.

The recipe which is shared will give you a very delicious crispy taste with something unique flavor, You can often make them in any festival or occassions like in diwali, Holi or just for satisfying the crave of cookies.

There are most of the cookies which can be made but Nankhatai is very simple and it can be served in tiffin box of children sometimes, They would love to have also and there won’t be any harm to the health.

Nankhatai is made by mixing all the dry ingredients with the help of ghee and then cooking them in oven or cooker whatever you have at your home.

You can also store this cookies for almost a month in dry air tight glass container.



Gujiya is north Indian famous sweet which crispy, filled with khoya (Milk solid) and nuts.There are two ways to make gujiya one is by frying it another is by baking.

I am sharing with you the recipe of frying and making which is traditionally followed in any festive season or whenever you have crave of eating gujiya.

Gujiya is a crescent shaped filled pastry that is fried in oils or some people also prefer frying them in ghee as well.

The traditional method of making gujiya is of khoya (milk solid) cardamom powder, sugar and nuts, Sometimes you can also add 3-4 tablespoons roasted semolina to increase the quantity but do not add very much semolina otherwise it won’t give expected taste, There are many people who also add desiccated coconut in the stuffing so you can also add if you want.

Gujiya is very popular North Indian dish which is made in diwali and holi more precisely.

My recipe of making gujiya is based on traditional style which is made with khoya, sugar and nuts, generally it is made using all purpose flour but you can also mix all purpose flour and wheat flour and make them more healthy.

5.Besan Ladoo

Besan laddo

Besan ladoo is a special and a very decilious sweet made up of gram flour which is known as besan in Hindi, Sugar, Ghee and cardamom.

This ladoo is made in ball shaped in Indian cuisine.

Besan ladoo is made in very special day while to offer as prasad in any festival like ganesh chatuthi or many more.

This recipe is almost made in every Indian house in the festival of diwali, Undoubtedly it can be said that this sweet recipe is love by every Indians.

This ladoo has a very soft and smooth texture and it easily melts in the mouth.

In Indian cuisine there are various sweet which is made and most of them are made with the help of gram flour i.e. Besan like besan burfi, besan ladoo, besan halwa etc.

Besan ladoo have a very mouth watering aroma, It will definitely brings water to your mouth while preparation because it gives a very good odour and taste.

Making besan ladoo in home is a very simple recipe when you have a perfect proportion of ingredients to be added like proper gram flour,ghee,sugar quantity to be added (Nothing should be more or less).

Always use the right ingredients in right quantity like the gram flour which is fresh pack or you can use milled flour, Do not use the one which is already opened from week or month sometimes not choosing the right besan can make the ladoo slight bitter in taste.

Dry fruits in ladoo enhance the flavour and taste, you can also add 1-2 tablespoons semolina, my mom usually use to add it and believe me it gives a slight texture, If you want smooth texture and mouth melting then you can skip adding semolina.

Thats it Guys for Today hope you Liked Our recommendation If you Like to make Something else In diwali then let us know in Comments And if you want us to upload any other recipes Which we have not upload yet then feel free to let us know.

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